Halloween conjures images of black and orange, cats in the moonlight and skeletons hanging in doorways. Maybe the transition from religious holiday to commercialized trick-or-treating and bar hopping costume contests can be blamed on marketing.  Halloween, originally called All Hallows Eve, celebrates those who have passed away and their souls’ transition to heaven.  The cryptic holiday is immediately followed by November 1st - All Saints Day; a time when Catholics attend church in reverence for the saints that founded and helped maintain the church.  


In addition to the imagery we have come to know are the haunting stories that reinforce the reputation of the scariest night of the year.  Instead of going with the gore, Whooptee.com has chosen to focus on some of the classic stories that have formed our ideas of all things Halloween. Use these ideas to inspire your custom shirt making for the fun, costume-filled holiday.  After all, if you design your shirt online today, you can still receive it in time for the big night!


Five Little Pumpkins: As the title states, five little pumpkins roll around town during the night; they encounter witches, survive howling winds, only to go unnoticed back into the dark of night.  In fact, this description rivals the length of the poem itself.  

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Hocus Pocus: A cult-classic amongst tween-age girls and their mothers, this 1990’s film is a colorful tale about 3 teens who enter a haunted house and open a coven of witches that attempt to reach immortality - with black cat in tow.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas: Director Tim Burton’s animated film follows Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s pumpkin king, who discovers Christmas and all things warm and fuzzy. He plots to despot Santa and take over his reign.

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