Hot summers bring pool parties.  Hell, even mild summers bring pool parties . . . and goose bumps.  No matter your social status, at some point this summer you’ll find yourself poolside or maybe even lakeside.  Pool safety is engrained in our brains from the time we’re 5 years-old: (1) Don’t swim alone  (2) Don’t dive in the shallow end (3) Don’t run around the pool (4) Don’t eat after swimming.  Among this short list, not one mention of summer outerwear.  In a season of shirtless torsos, cover ups and flip-flops, no one discusses the peril of ruined tank tops, melted flip-flops that have been “fire-worked” or dare I say it – tan lines!

Rather than a summer filled with faux pas, how about some guidelines to avoid messing up your hot weather wardrobe at a pool party:

1.)    DON’T sit by the pool to judge a cannonball contest and expect not to be drenched.

DO order the Badger B-Dri Core T-shirt with Sport Shoulders in Kelly green. You’ll dry quickly without everyone seeing what lies beneath your shirt.

2.)    DON’T eat barbeque ribs in a white sundress unless you want the red stains of dripping sauce splashed all over your outfit.

DO wear the Bella+Canvas Ladies Sheer Mini Rib Racerback Tank in red.  Stray sauce will be camouflaged and the open-shoulder style will make diving into a plate of ribs a lot more comfortable.

3.)    DON’T stain a cozy t shirt with spots and streams of sunscreen and bug spray.

DO wear a Blue 84 Juniors’ Short Sleeve Burnout T Shirt whose pattern is forgiving of stray sprays.

4.)    DON’T look like an extra from Dazed and Confused in your old homemade tie-dyed shirt you made in art class sophomore year.

DO try a vibrant Jamacian style Tie Dyed Multi Colored Spiral Short Sleeve T Shirt that would make even Bob Marley proud.