You just spent your last precious dime on concert tickets to see Cake. But it’s okay. You’ve been waiting three long years for them to come back to town. Even though the concert is months away, you start planning now. Knowing your past is the first step to a great future. As you glance at old pictures from the last time you saw your favorite band, you’re instantly taken back to that moment. The music! The mosh pit! The mania! And the merchandise . . . $50 for a t-shirt! 
And back to reality. You can probably get the same shirt on eBay for half the cost + shipping + the fear of coodies. Or what about making your own? You have a glue gun, paint and plain tee shirts waiting for your inspiration. Then you remember your last apparel project. Nothing more pathetic than DIY bedazzled jeans that made your butt look like the fender of a 1957 Chevy. You’ve never gotten so many offers to “have a seat” in your life. There’s always stealing? But that bring us back to lack of bail money AND coodies.
Don’t lose hope or money. Try a different approach to t shirt design. So maybe your ideas aren’t always the best; it’s not like your Calvin Klein. And I’m not suggesting stealing a copyright. I mean, what would Lars say? You know, Lars Ulrich? Outspoken drummer from Metallica that famously battled Napster over piracy? Never mind. 
Get on your smartphone, go to, and search templates. There you will find tons of awesome t shirts made from people just like you – smart and thrifty. To quote your favorite Cake song “And how much did you pay for your rock 'n' roll T-shirt. That proves you were there, that you heard of them first?” There’s no minimum order required and if you like them on Facebook you just might win a shirt. Let the others guess how you afford your rock n’ roll lifestyle. . . .