If you’ve been following our flea market guide series, you’ve probably put those Flea Market Flip wannabes to shame by now. You’ve figured out what to buy, you’ve figured out the best setup for your displays, and you’ve figured out what to sell. Now, it’s time to build your brand. So much of the advice we apply to other businesses applies to you, because guess what, you’re a business now. Building the brand of your stand is just as important as a store front. Here’s how: 


Step 1: Choose an Identity 


What identity does your stand want to cultivate? You can start with what you’re selling and work for there, but this runs much deeper than just what items you have available. For example, if you’re selling antiques, what kind of antiques are you focusing on? Who is your target customer? A stand’s identity needs to be more than just “stuff.”


Step 2: Design a Logo


Now it’s time to design a logo to put on your materials. You need a logo that targets your base and identifies what kind of stand and what kind of feeling you’re going for. What materials do you want to put this on? Well, business cards for starters. You never know what customers will want buy something from you later that they viewed, or have some merchandise to sell you at a good price. Plus, you could use a sign or a banner to help draw eyeballs. And…


Step 3: Order Custom T-Shirts Online


…you can put your logo on custom t-shirts. Our affordable custom tees make for a great uniform, and will set you apart from the other vendors. You will look professional, and your stand will look like a much bigger deal than the other people who are just selling stuff. You’re not just selling stuff: you’re building an experience. 


Step 4: Talk to People


Part of that experience is the conversations you have with people who walk by your booth. Talk to them. Find out what they want, and how they talk and think. Above all else, be friendly and helpful without being pushy or argumentative. You will cultivate loyal customers and build a reputation that will have market goers flocking to your booth every month.