The starving artist is a popular archetype, but the truth of the matter is many, many independent artists make a living, or at least finance their passion, through business savvy. When hitting the festival circuit, or an exhibition, your average artist is loaded to the gills with posters and prints, bite-sized samples of their art that can be created and sold for cheap. For the passerby who likes their art, a full sized, full price painting can be a tough sell for both wall real estate and dollar costs. 


Prints, meanwhile, can be made for cents in many cases and sold for a decent markup, but still at a price that affordable for your average person to shell out on a whim and hang in their house. Keeping costs down is key, but having small ticket items that are easy fits for potential buyers is also important. That’s why prints work so well, and that’s why custom t-shirts are a great idea. 


With, you can use our designer tool to create a custom  t-shirt online quickly, easily, and inexpensively. You can upload your own image for your design, provided you use the proper format and own the copyright. That means you can upload some of your art and create unique t-shirts out of them that will be easy sells at festivals or on your online gallery.


Our t-shirts are as affordable as they are easy to create, keeping your costs down and your profits healthy. Think of all the great expression those t-shirts can fund, not just on a material level, but to be able to afford to devote the time it takes to create great art. Once your order your t-shirts, they will be shipped to you in two weeks free of charge.