Designing custom t-shirts is awesome. It’s a fun creative experience, and a piece of art you want to share. Did you know you can print out your custom t-shirt design? Let’s start with the basics.


How do you print your t-shirt design?


Once you’ve selected a product and finished your design using our designer tool, take a look on the left side of your screen. In the bottom left-hand corner,  there will be a printer icon. Simply click it, and print your design. See the graphic below to see what the icon looks like. 



Why print your t-shirt design?


Now the question: why should you print your t-shirt design? Well, there are a few scenarios where this makes sense. The simplest reason is that you love your design and want to show it off. This is especially great for kids who want to put their design up on the fridge. If you’re a teacher and designing t-shirts for a class, club, or trip, have the students make designs and print them out. You can then have the class vote on their favorite design. If you’re giving a t-shirt as a present, but you ordered too late and it won’t be ready in time, give the t-shirt design in an envelope and tell your friend or loved one that the t-shirt in the printout is on the way.


Now what?


Printing out your t-shirt isn’t all you can do. You can also email your design and share it to the social network of your choice. The former is great for proofing a design if you’re doing it for a group or a boss. The later is great for showing off your design for your friends, or building anticipation for your shirts if you plan to sell them.

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