November 1 is Author’s Day, and it’s as good a time as any to help kids to see the value of creating. Any of the kids sitting your classroom now could be a successful author. If not successful financially, they could still create works of art that bring them much joy for the rest of their lives. All it takes is some encouragement in youth to lead to a lifelong love of literature. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for fun classroom activities to encourage creativity.


Take Prompts to the Next Level


No, we’re not talking about boring ACT essay prompts. Find a photo. It could be anything, but try to find something emotionally affective. Show it to your students and have them create a story around this photo. You may be surprised with just what the kids can come up with. The worst thing you can do is hand them a blank page and tell them to fill it up. A prompt is a catalyst for getting the creative juices flowing. 


Flash Fiction Competition


If you’re not familiar, flash fiction are stories that are under 1000 words. There are flash fictions that are even shorter, like micro fictions that are only 500 words. Set a word limit, and challenge your students to tell a story in a limited amount of space. The kids will have to get used to getting their ideas out efficiently. Plus, the stories will be short enough that you’ll have time in class to let each kid read their story to the class. 


Create Even Shorter Fiction


If you want to go contemporary, you could reach the kids in a way they’re used to: Twitter. Twitterature is fiction created with only 280 characters. Have the kids create short stories in the structure of a Tweet. Create a hashtag and encourage the kids to Tweet out their stories. 


Create Custom T-Shirts


For all the kids who are in love with literature, create a lit club at your school. Once you do, have the kids design club t-shirts on Take a vote, and decided on a t-shirt for your club.